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Introducing THEBOX which combines 4 essential products to live the true Formula experience. This quartet will enable you to discover our products and to adopt them.

  • Details :

    -The Speed Up. A MUST for the perfect fanning. This will give you total control over the quantity of glue you put on your lash extensions all while leaving them open, as well as

    increasing the adhesion between your lash extension and the natural lash.


    -The primer is part of your lash routine. It removes the extra sebum on your lashes and

    regulates the pH level for a better adhesion between the glue, the lash extension and the natural lash.


    - Finishing : Your beloved newest product and your clients best friend. You no longer need to wait 24h before running them under water. This finishing will give you the chance to seal your extensions for better retention, a better hold and better results all while reducing adhesive vapours. Our TOO FANCY adhesive distinguishes itself mainly by its impressive flexibility when working with it and for its durability. This is why it’s at the top of our favourites list.

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